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About us

The Company was formed in 2011 by Mr. Vela Christian Mngomezulu who is the Group Anchor Investor, funding his Mission and Vision of distributing African Natural Diamonds, within the KPC System Internationally.

SADCC Introduction

Through his success in business and passion for the Diamond Industry, Mr. Mngomezulu studied Diamond cutting, polishing and evaluation.

He then Formed his company, SADCC Diamonds-SA (Pty) Ltd, in 2011, now trading as 'African Diamond and Jewellery Exchange'.. At present a 100% fully licensed diamond dealing company with the Diamond Board under Section 26(a) of the Diamond Act.

He has slowly built his network to develop and trade in Rough Diamonds.

The Vision

The Vision he has is to embrace and apply modern 21st technology in the Diamond Industry.

Empower up-and-coming youth with the technical skills to work in the industry.

To implement management skills within a computerized process that is internationally competitive within the diamond industry.

And create a value-added tourist attraction to Durban, with a proposed World class modern, secure, open diamond, precious stone, and gold/investment metals trading exchange in the Durban Dube Tradeport Free Trade Zone.


With his present business associates, contacts and experience, Mr. Mngomezulu has engaged several expert consultants in partnerships, who have proven and documented banking business experience, including IT technology, Security Development and Project management backgrounds.

He has appointed them to engage with Diamond producing countries and dealers in Africa to bring merchandise to the project, “Africa Diamond and Jewellery Exchange”” to be based in the Durban Africa Special Economic Zone.

We operate in compliance within the KPC System Internationally

blood diamond free

Our Team

Our Management Team have years of experience, starting up new companies in different green- and brownfield sectors, locally and internationally. Through time we have realised that the success of a modern management company lies in the management of resources and use of competent and experienced consultants rather than using an extended labour force. It is this approach that makes our model preferred and commercially viable.

To deliver on large projects, we utilise the experience and the expertise of both executive and non-executive consultants, with years of project management, IPO and M&A experience, in different sectors.

Utilizing our team and international network, we are able to draw on these skills and strategic knowledge, to assist turn-key projects, offering the highest quality service at all levels of the project.

This allows the group to customise the service package to suit the project.

In summary, the group offers the expertise of a large integrated corporate company, in a tailored package, that includes all aspects of project management and turn-key delivery to the client..

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